Virtual Learning Is The Need Of The Hour
Nowadays, many organizations have employees who partially or completely work from home. In this challenging situation, Progressive Learning Academy makes virtual training a reliable and enjoyable experience, with excellent results, whether learning in a group or on an individual basis.

Virtual Training Options In British Columbia

Training Platform
Training Content

Training Platform
Training Content

Training Platform
Training Content

  • Training Platform, Training Content, And Instructors

Progressive Learning Academy’s virtual instructor-led training provides the partner organization or individual trainees with highly competent rich training content, ultra-modern training platform technology with hosting services, and most importantly, a qualified instructor.

  • Training Platform And Instructors

Progressive Learning Academy provides the partner organization with the training platform technology along with the hosting services and instructors but the organization uses its internal training content. 

  • Training Platform

Progressive Learning Academy will provide the training platform technology along with the hosting services to the partner organization.

Enrollment Options

Option One

Open Enrollment

This type of enrollment is suitable for individuals searching for a new job, mid-career technical professionals, executives, and managers, whose focus is on personal development. Training is held in groups where attendees come from diverse industries and organizations.

Option Two

Group Enrollment

In this type of enrollment, the focus is on shared learning experience for employees of an organization, leading to greater application of the concepts. Suitable for organizations that want to enroll one or more employees in our training programs.

  • For organizations wanting to enroll 10 or more employees, custom packages are available at discounted rates.
  • In case you are interested in a course that is not listed on our website, please contact us for more information. We would be happy to provide a customized training option, based on your organization’s needs.

Plan of Action - A Roadmap



Contact us through the various channels listed on this website, to discuss your training needs. Our consultants will map them to suitable training plans and enrollment options.


Our operations team will complete the enrollment process and assign an instructor.


There are several assessments in the training that will help the instructor evaluate the trainee.


After completing the training, trainees get an accredited certificate.