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We know how important educational support for K-12 students is in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the surrounding area. Getting the right support is not always easy.
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Canadian Students Primarily Speak English
Canadian Students Struggle

Language is the bridge between cultures. While 58% of Canadian students speak English as their primary language, almost 25% – 30% of Canadian students struggle with basic English. They find it difficult to relate to people from other cultures. They feel isolated and have low confidence. Language is the roadblock for many of these students to excel.

Read, Write, Speak and Repeat

The most effective way of learning is by reading, writing and speaking every day. By reading about a variety of topics such as science, fiction, etc., our students can improve their vocabulary quickly. We’ve integrated these three components into our assignments to encourage our students to practice what they have learned, to attain mastery.

Listening is Learning

Listening is a powerful tool. By engaging our student’s auditory sense, we create a more immersive experience that allows for increased memory and retention. Our students can improve their pronunciation quickly and effectively.

Interaction Is The Key

Interaction is at the heart of communication. Our integrated curriculum where we hold speaking sessions, allows our students to practice what they have learned with community support. By encouraging our students to help each other while practicing what they have learned, we are giving them additional motivation to reach their destination.

The Learning Curve

  • Learning from your surroundings is the best way to learn. We teach our students to build a habit
    of learning from their surroundings.
  • Learning comes from making mistakes. We guide students to recover from their mistakes and
    encourage them to practice. We instill a culture of constant improvement in their curriculum.
  • By taking away our student’s fear of failure, we are creating a stress-free learning environment
    where they can reach their potential.