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We are Canada’s leader in virtual learning. We deliver quality distance education and training for students of all ages. With our commitment to excellence, we specialize in Essential Skills Training and K-12 Educational Support. 24/7, from anywhere, our students can join our live virtual classrooms and learn with ease.

Transition To Virtual Learning

A Virtual Learning environment provides an alternative to the in-class learning and teaching environment that most people are used to. With our Virtual Platform and LMS, we can help schools or organizations provide their educational services online, and ensure students continue to learn from anywhere in the world.


average attendance of students


of our students have learnt new skills and enhanced existing knowledge


improvement in student’s performance after completing the program because of our experienced instructors and training materials

Quality Education

Quality education promotes lifelong learning and unlocks the imagination. With proper educational support, students take charge of their own learning.

24/7 Accessibility

Convenient, 24/7 access to mobile-friendly online courses that contain useful and relevant content designed by industry experts prepares our students for the real world.

Personal Touch

When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Our students gain from our personalized approach as it helps them unleash their potential and prepares them for future.


Online education can be both fun and engaging. Through our easy-to-use interface and gradual progression of course materials, learning becomes a natural part of our student’s day.


When students are in charge of when, where, and how they learn, they have greater motivation to learn more.


We deliver high-caliber education at affordable price points. As a result, our students graduate to become important contributors in organizations and communities.

k-12 tutoring for mathematics and English

Through our innovative approach, the PLA program offers numerous opportunities for students to engage in enjoyable learning experiences. Our program incorporates cutting-edge virtual learning tools and online assessment-based learning methods to facilitate students’ understanding of mathematics. Additionally, our program provides comprehensive tutoring services to ensure students have access to the resources they need to succeed. Our services are available in Vancouver and Victoria, making them easily accessible to students in these cities.

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Stanley has been doing really good. I noticed his reading and writing have improved; I would love him to continue after 36 hours of study.

Shannon Y.

My son has definitely improved with this course. His ability to understand the concepts and do it standalone without any help is a great improvement.

Rachel R.

Jaden is a borderline A - B student in English. I've noticed her take more care in her English assignments. More depth in her writing. This is a huge improvement.

Liza H.

Erin has jumped in her performance in school already. Erin has increased her grades about 30% in all her grades. I can’t believe how much her grades have jumped since her last interim report card. Thank you and appreciate your help. MY daughter struggles at times, but now, she takes her time in homework.

Teniel A.

We’re Progressive

In our approach to how we teach and enhance our student’s knowledge.

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