Essential Skills And Training In The Workplace


Transition To Virtual

Our team at Progressive Learning Academy will support your organization or school’s transition into remote working by using our virtual platform as a catalyst. We host classes, customized analytics for each organization. Our IT professionals provide regular technical support to ensure ZERO downtime. Our easy-to-use platform incorporates the best learning tools to enable students to excel. Some of it’s features are:

●Login is easy and seamless through our live class in the PLA learning platform
●View homework that’s due
●Submit assignments and projects
●View attendance
●Watch class instructions from anywhere so that you never miss a class
●Share reports and data between parents and students
●Share recommendations between instructors and students
●Engage with other students through projects
●Complete certification and receive a badge to start a new career path

We offer essential skills and training courses that help with our student’s transition from school to the workplace. Here are some of our courses:     

English Language Prep for the Workplace

In the workplace, communication is the key. Productive relationships in the workplace are built on understanding one another. When communication gaps occur from dissimilarities in language for non-native speakers, it creates both a barrier of understanding and a barrier to success. This course helps students with intermediate competency in the English language to succeed in using English as a second language in their workplace. Students will practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing speech with a clear intent to attain mastery.

Safety In The Workplace

Workplace accidents and injuries cost corporations millions of dollars each year. They also have a profound impact on workers. Establishing a safety culture in the organization is essential. By creating a mindset of safety and security, it encourages more loyalty and creates a healthy work environment. This course allows participants to build a safety culture within the organization.

Conflict Resolution

People see conflict as a negative experience. But, conflict is a part of personal growth and development. Channeling conflict productively into negotiations can help to improve work relationships and business relationships. This two-day course will give participants the tools that will help them to resolve their conflict and produce a win-win outcome.


In today’s workplace, leadership is a premium skill that employers look for. Even in entry-level positions, leadership skills can allow candidates to stand out from the pack. Leadership skills mean consistency as much as performance. Being able to set the right expectations with employers and deliver on these expectations is critical in every position. Our course will help participants learn practical leadership skills that they can apply every day. Through consistent demonstrations of leadership, our students thrive in their workplace.

Project Management

At the heart of project management, is the concept of breaking down projects into bite-sized pieces and managing each milestone to completion. Students who don’t have real-world experience, often struggle to perform in the workplace. Our course is designed to help our students breakdown their daily work no matter how difficult the tasks are, by creating a map and a schedule to enable them to see these tasks to completion. Our students learn that project management is about managing their own success.

Harassment in the Workplace

No matter the type of workplace, harassment cannot be avoided. However, when encountering harassment in the workplace, knowing how to handle harassment can alleviate a lot of anger and anxiety. Our course is designed to help students navigate the difficult situation of harassment. Every employee can safeguard the company’s culture. Our students learn to integrate anti-harassment practices into their daily work so that they can help to safeguard their own work environment.

Managing the Virtual Workplace

Remote work is the future of work. Learning to work in virtual workplaces can help employees gain more opportunities in their careers. Often, working in virtual workplaces requires a different set of skills to be productive and effective. Our course is designed to help students transition to the remote work culture and seamlessly adapt to their virtual workplaces.


And many more.

The Learning Curve

  • Learning from your surroundings is the best way to learn. We teach our students to build a habit of learning from their surroundings.
  • Learning comes from making mistakes. We guide students to recover from their mistakes and encourage them to practice. We instill a culture of constant improvement in their curriculum.
  • By taking away our student’s fear of failure, we are creating a stress-free learning environment where they can reach their potential.